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ETMC Foundation grants are distributed once per year. Here's when things happen.

Date 1

LOI Portal Opens

Date 2

LOI Deadline

Date 3

Full Apps Extended

Date 4

Full Apps Due

Date 5

Funding Decisions Made

Date 6

Funding Dispersed

What to do before you apply

Before you apply, please...

Organizations In Tyler Texas That Are Eligible for ETMC Foundation Grants

See if you qualify

We help certain types of non-profits. See who we serve, read our FAQ, or get in touch.

ETMC Foundation Grant Guidelines

Understand the guidelines

Make sure your request complies with our grant guidelines. Click here to read them.

ETMC Foundation Application Deadlines

Know the schedule

ETMC Foundation grants happen on a fixed schedule. Click here to learn the dates.

If your organization checks out on all of the above, feel free to...